Friday, May 7, 2010


"saying things that are the opposite of what you mean in order to make an unkind joke or to show that you are annoyed"

-from Longman Dictionary

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*gambar dicuplik dr

juz wanna share with the world, that today....06 MAY 2010...i had met with someone that is
she is the one and the most ever in my life i had ever met..
memang sarcastic gler
tahap dewa
tahap petala ke-8
dah sampai tak ada kata lagi dah yang aku boleh gambar kan..
aku yang "the-best-speaker" nie pun kalah
apa yang aku mampu buat juz senyum kambing je..
(waktu aku kena bambu tuh lah)
aku pun kechewa dengan diri ku
demi sebuah pengalaman ku tempuhi jua
(poyo gler ayat ek,hahaha)

don't you ever want to know who is "she"????

"she" is our client...
(client always right-hate to hear that phase right now)
"she" need a psychology treatment i think
"she" is sick

one of my colleague, he has quite "bad-words-vocab"
he had done "that" on my behalf
baek nye si hasmah ni kan???
tapi bila tangan dia yang berkerja kat atas keyboard ni laju je..

k lah sini je lah

** if there any name appear in my blog picolo mondo, it thus not relate to any one whether still alive or dead people.
but if there any accidentally sama,
i would say
"sapa makan cabai, dia la yang rasaa pedas nya"
and of course for sure aku tak makan pedas

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