Friday, February 6, 2009

:::...newlly about everything...:::

about PAYROCK:
-memang ROCK d'world la
what recently happen is something that never haapen in our country.this is the first time.what can i say is
"just do the best, u will be the best simply with serve just for the RAKYAT"
hopr what happen before be the best teacher for them and also to the RAKYAT lo...

about keceQ:
-emmm.......what i can spill out is
skrg nie,i'm taking new course that not really related with my course work.i'm studying a new language...haha...macam tak percaya je sekarang nie kira cam dah nak cover 4 different language lo...
tapi memang buzy r jika nak dibandingkan dengan waktu buat diploma dolu-dolu tu...
so simply hope this semester;
this year much better than previous year&semester lo..
good news: i get new niece
hahaha..happy for my bro&sis
tak soba rasanya nak balik tengok si comel tu..
so i guess that all from me now...
chow...adious amigos